Handmade Colorful African Beanbag Ashanti 'Baby Bori Bori'


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'Baby BoriBori'

If you don’t have the space for a full-size ‘sit in’ Bean Bag, why not go for the Baby BoriBori? It’s a small burst of Ashanti that makes a great footrest or coffee table seat. The Beanbag is flat packed and can be filled with 85 liter polyballs which you can search locally online.

Filled: 600mm (d) x ±400mm (h)
Flat Pack: 3800mm (l) x 410mm (w) x 65mm (h)

Driven by a deep passion for Africa, its people and its ways, Ashanti is a contemporary celebration of traditional craft. From how we source our materials, to the way our products are made and who makes them, our business proudly represents the resourcefulness, vibrance and outlook of this colourful continent.

Our signature Ashanti fabric is hand-woven from the fibres of perfectly good fabric that would otherwise be sent to landfill. We work with incredible craftsmen living out in rural villages. The tools and techniques they use have been passed down through many generations. It’s a truly amazing way of life that humbles and inspires us.

Because all our products are lovingly handmade to the highest quality standards, every single item is original. No two are quite the same – yours is the only one! As an owner of an Ashanti design, you too become woven into a community where your choice of style is kind and conscious.

The spirit of Africa can’t be explained, it can only really be felt. We see beauty in its chaos,
survival in its resourcefulness and triumph in its consistent inconsistencies. That’s why everything we do is based on three pillars of sustainability:
Environmental, Social and Economical. And much like a solid cast iron potjie pot,
we need all three legs to stand.

Making something out of nothing is at the heart of the African way. In a year we sorted, stripped and tied (wait for it) 19 million six hundred thousand meters of colourful weft thread. Then we weaved it into 62,000 meters of our signature fabric. All by hand. To think that would have been landfill! We’re fully committed to being eco-conscious.

We aren’t much without the artisans we collaborate with. The techniques and tools they use to make our goods have been passed down for decades. It’s an amazing culture that we’re proud to share with the world. By bringing our contemporary style to their traditional workmanship, we keep an incredible craft alive and help future generations succeed.

This is Africa! Our artisans lead particularly modest lives, based pretty much in the middle of nowhere. We believe in doing our best to strengthen their livelihoods and in making a positive ‘Afronomical’ contribution at large. From craftsmen to transportation partners and manufacturers, the Ashanti team is all-African.


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